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Wednesday, August 17

General Kickass

Thursday, August 11


I'm hard work adverse, which is why Sticky and Obtuse haven't poked their heads out in a couple days. Coming up with ideas isn't too hard. Take a spin around the internet or head to the grocery store and things to poke fun at start begging for attention. But it's hard work from idea to finished. Not oil rig or construction hard work, I mean my ass is fasten firmly in chair, but takes time. And there's only so much time, less when you're lazy like me. To top it off I should be writing, but I'll get stuck in a ditch occasionally. If someone out there would only pay me a comfortable salary for being a professional slouch my life would be complete.

I'd be willing to wear sponsored shirts and hats and you could take as many photos of me eating chips, drinking beer, and flipping through the channels as you'd like. Could be a hit. Conservatives and capitalist types could even use me as a barometer for the degradation of America, see how far we've lapsed type stuff. I come cheap.

Tuesday, August 9

Cheerleaders Against Bush

inspiration via this story.

Monday, August 8

Answers without Questions

Sunday, August 7

Meeting Bush

Obtuse Joins Fetes the Press

This is kinda how I view the whole Sunday morning political shows. I watch 'em, but I also watched Tornado so take that for what it's worth. Seems to me you can get more insight from a five year old kid with a crayon set than you could from one of these "roundtables." But when you have people like Bob Novak and Judith Miller shilling their ego's wet dreams and the Russerts of the world flagging in the next absurd comment then it's probably the best you're gonna get and I kinda like Russert but it'd be nice to watch some thoughtful, insightful debate and discussion. Don't feel I often get that from those who should be offering it.

Saturday, August 6

What's Cool?

I won't often toss up written posts here cause it's really all about the boys and their comics, they're pricks that way, but I was just reminded of what's cool and my question would be this; is Billy Joel cool again or not? Suppose one could argue, was he ever?, but at one time I believe he was quite the hepcat, late seventies, early eighties.

I ask because yesterday I was toolin' around in my truck rockin' out to Joel's Big Shot. You know, really getting into it, singing like a rock star, venting a poisoned memory I've never been able to let go of, damn her, and I make the mistake of stepping outside myself. Or rather, letting my ego take hold and shame me with its self-conscious spotlight. "Billy Joel is so uncool dude and you look like a total asshead sitting in your truck rockin' out to this has been." It was a momentary flash of sheepishness but enough to ruin what was a pretty cathartic experience moments before.

But of course, if the guy is cool again, I'm not "up" on these pop culture fluctuations, then I was lookin' pretty damn hip. Thus the question, is Billy Joel cool again or is he still awaiting baptism in the pop cultural waters... And hasn't Springsteen always been cool? God help me if he isn't.

Friday, August 5

Tough Times

Thursday, August 4

Helpin' Out Katherine Harris

Inspired by true events. The quote in question by Ms. Harris, referring to the 2000 Election,
"Whenever they made fun of my makeup, it was because the newspapers colorized my photograph."
She and her staff couldn't offer proof of the fact, but remember, that doesn't mean it's not true.

quote via Political Wire or Think Progress, take your pick. Don't remember Ms. Harris? How could you not, she made quite the splash, but here's some more info to jump start the memory.

Wednesday, August 3

The Crystal Ball

Tuesday, August 2

Little Help

Hoping someone might lend me a hand here. If you're viewing this blog from a PC using Internet Explorer 6 (think that's the most recent version) let me know how this page renders. Specifically if the right sidebar appears in the correct spot. Renders fine in Firefox and Safari, but Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac screws it up, drops the sidebar to the bottom of the page. I'm not to concern if the Mac Explorer version screws it up, but the PC version would be a big deal. Hoping this isn't the case.

So just drop a comment for me, "looks fine," "looks like shit," be a big help and I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks.

UPDATE: so i reduced the size of the banners on the sidebar. seems to be rendering fine on Explorer 5.2 for Mac, which it wasn't doing before. How about Explorer 6 for a PC? Working correctly?back home

Monday, August 1

Six Easy Steps: A Political Guide

lying only counts once. In case you were wondering. I'm dense, but it's not a ball of Adamantium up there.

Sunday, July 31

Hindsight (Flash Fiction Friday)

created for Purgatorian's Flash Fiction Friday. As with all comics, click to enlarge.

Political Accountability

*Zombie picture, entitled "Zombies Underground" by Frazier Irving

Saturday, July 30

Finding God

Thursday, July 28

Life is Big

Life's a Bitch